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If you’re anything like me, then your phone is probably filled with screenshots of quotes you’ve seen on the internet that speak to you about your career, relationships, family, or any other aspect of your life. I’d like to share 51 quotes from my arsenal of motivational quotes. Enjoy and feel free to share some of your favorite motivational quotes with us. 

You are who you know.Miss Ify has always known that she wanted to be her own boss. So unlike most of her graduating class, Miss Ify decided to dive headfirst in the world of entrepreneurship after college graduation. She transformed her love for entertainment, culture, and making a difference to create District Affiliates, LLC- an event production that specializes in producing events catered to those interested in music, arts, culture, and social responsibility.


Over 5 years later, Miss Ify continues to produce one-of-a-kind events encouraging culture and humanity. A few of those events have included:

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