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EP 7: Committing to Providing the Solution x Sherrell Dorsey of ThePLUG

EP 7: Committing to Providing the Solution x Sherrell Dorsey of ThePLUG

Name: Sherrell Dorsey

Title: Founder, ThePLUGDaily.com

Location: New York, New York

Educational Background: B.A., International Trade and Marketing, Fashion Institute of Technology

M.S. (2018), Data Journalism, Columbia University

About Sherrell: 

Since learning to code at the age 14 Sherrell Dorsey has not slowed down in the tech industry. She is a noted technology writer and social entrepreneur. She is also the founder of daily tech newsletter, ThePLUG, where she leads content strategy, business partnerships, and growth of the only newsletter dedicated to highlighting the significant voices of black founders and business leaders in the news. Since launching ThePLUG in April 2016, she has 300% month over month growth and has no plans of that slowing down.

With features in Fast Company, The Atlantic’s City Lab, The Root, Next City, and many others, Sherrell has covered high-profile founders, investors, and business trends at the intersection of sustainability, innovation, and equity. Sherrell also frequently speaks at tech conferences across the country and has an unmatched ability to inspire, connect and push the tech scene forward. She has had roles in powerhouse tech companies such as Microsoft, Uber, and is currently on contract at Google Fiber. 

This Episode:

Sherrell shares her journey as a lifelong learner and her mission to create a business that serves the community. Through ThePLUG she helping to change the narratives surrounding the black community in tech. We dive into how having a strong team has allowed her to balance school and business.


The most transformative change for her has been realizing that leadership takes an extraordinary amount of self evaluation. What do you value? How purposeful you are with your journey?


Listen Below: 


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