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Krystal Beachum x Student Athletes Unite

Krystal Beachum x Student Athletes Unite

Name: Krystal Beachum

Age: 26

Current Title: Founder/CEO of Student Athletes Unite & Licensing Intern at the NFLPA

 Location: Washington, DC

Krystal Beachum, author of “For The Other 98%” and Founder of Student-Athletes Unite took her passion for student-athletes and entrepreneurship to the next level by filling the gap in the college athletics industry. Her company is committed to helping student-athletes create business and career opportunities.

During this episode we discussed the importance of entrepreneurship and wealth building for  athletes. We touched on the role that athletics plays into the households within the black community and what the future looks like. Krystal also shared her own personal journey which led to her writing her first book.

Listen to the episode below:

<p>Improving and connecting the black dollar.</p>


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