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Stop Procrastination, Overcome Fear & Launch Your Podcast

Do you want to build a remarkable podcast audience? Then you need to deliver a remarkable audience experience. I am here to help you stop procrastination and finally launch your podcast! Podcasting can help you become an influencer and be a thought leader. Get advice on the ins and outs of launching a podcast, booking guest, and growing your audience.

Let us show you how.

Podcasting Power Session


Podcast Power Hour: $75

During this session we will discuss all things podcasting

  • Plan your podcast, from listener, to problem, to unique solution.
  • Name your podcast – and don’t take long to doing it!
  • Plan initial episodes to get a feel for your topic and its longevity.
  • Choose a format which balances quality and sustainability.
  • Choose the best equipment for your price range and use it to record a show.
  • Produce your show in a sustainable way.
  • Publish your podcast to iTunes and elsewhere.
  • Integrate it into your digital marketing strategy
  • Think about next steps, promotion to monetization.
Get a recording of each session for review and playback.

Get a 15 minute FREE consultation to determine if podcasting is right for you!

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